Witkap Pater Stimulo Belgian Blond 330ml


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Brouwerij Slaghmuylder

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Best Before: 2024/10/31

Witkap Stimulo is the lightest of the Trappist style beers and is typically drunk with a midday meal. Witkap has a very high fermentation temperature (22 degrees Celsius). It is held at this temperature for five days. The beer is aged for four weeks at 5 degrees Celsius. The beers are then centrifuged. At bottling, Witkap is dosed with candi sugar and new yeast. A blonde beer that sparkles like champagne, it has an extremely estery nose with typical abbey notes of banana and berry. Unusually, this is followed by a light body and lemony finish. Medium bodied and well rounded, fruity-hoppy, Blond Abbey beer.

6% ABV