Uiltje The Algorithm II Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 330ml


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Uiltje Brewing Co

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When we released Part 1 of The Algorithm in 2022 it sold out in seconds. We expect nothing less from Part 2. As you may recall, The Algorithm is our balls-to-the-wall barrel-aged Imperial Stout franchise created specifically to bring together the best minds of our generation and push the cowboy extremes of the hop universe. In Part 1 we explored time and space with Owlbert Einstein and raised your beer IQ in the process. You’re welcome for that. For this sequel, we stand on the shoulder of that intellectual giant and bring you Owlsaac Newton. Aged for a year in Armagnac casks, Owlsaac merges the brandy’s distinctive flavors of dried fruit, sweet spices, vanilla and French oak with Imperial Stout’s roasted coffee and nuts. This blockbuster beer totally explodes the Hollywood myth that sequels can never be as good as their originals. We dare anyone who doubts us to or the laws of gravity to have a sip and say Yippeekiyay mother…!

15.2% ABV