Sunshine Brewery Baltic Porter 440ml


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Sunshine Brewery

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Sunshine’s Baltic Porter was the star turn for me at the Long Lunch. Super smooth, with licks of chocolate and caramel balanced by a delicate spice from the use of rye malt. Just a little hint of bitterness balanced it out further. It went down so easily with the Middle Eastern lamb, with the sweet and spice pairing exceptionally with the food flavours. It’s as good an example as I can think of to showcase how beer can go with food so much better than wine. A red wine would have been OK with this dish, but probably would have been too acidic. The Baltic Porter worked with the food, rather than against it.

Sunshine Brewing’s exploration into darkness.  Whether classic dark styles or something new on the event horizon, the sky really is the limit!  Munich and layers of darker kilned malt provide a base of chocolate, molasses and toffee.  A hint of gingerbread-like spice in the background from both the hops and small rye additions.  This is a smooth and never bitter dark lager, boozy yet crushable.

7% ABV