Shining Peak Thorny Drop Blackberry Lemon Dessert Sour 440ml


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Shining Peak Brewing

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Best Before: 2026/01/09

Work smarter, not harder - an idiom that Lou Butler Sr fixated on as he sat, drawing machinery designs with chalk on his workshop floor. The Inglewood man, whose father ironically did business selling wine made from blackberries, would go on to invent a machine that would take sword to said thorny bush.

Dealing to hedges that were sometimes 20 metres wide, the Butler Bros trimmer wielded a 3.5m blade and a steel cage to protect the operator from flying debris, and was mounted on Bren-Gun Carriers, Tanks and Army Trucks, no doubt raising eyebrows from their Windsor Road Neighbours. This Lactose infused Sour Beer uses truck loads of Blackberries and a dash of lemon.

6% ABV