One Drop Brewing Ranniku Imperial Stout 440ml


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Ranniku [ The Coast ] - influences of the Australian coast collide with a tenebrous affinity from the Põhjala [ Northern Realm ]. Born is a massive dark collaboration of beer & friendship with our pals Põhjala, Estonia.
Working closely with Head Brewer Martin, we adapted a huge dark base of theirs for the antipodean malts we use while also drawing inspiration from coastal Australia. After an 8-hour boil, robust hopping, and cold fermentation, an extensive bittering on the hot side gives this massive Nordic Stout something massive. A rich foundation of strong malty and heavily roasted character is complemented, and amplified, by additions of North Queensland vanilla and toasted coconut, NSW cinnamon myrtle, and Tasmanian Oak.

Once again, as the Solstice passes, a rich and meticulous stout emerges.

12.5% ABV