Mount Brewing Co Bitter Sweet Symphony Double IPA 440ml


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Mount Brewing Co

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With an electrifying 8% ABV, this brew is a bold celebration of the craft. We've curated a dream team of New Zealand hops Riwaka, Motueka along with US Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic to create a symphony of flavour that hits all the right notes.

Picture this: zesty citrus, tropical vibes, and a crisp bitterness that lingers just long enough. Behind the scenes, our malt maestros blend of American Ale, Golden Promise, Malted Oats, and Munich malts for a backbone that's as solid as the bassline in your favourite tune. "Bitter, Sweet, Symphony" isn't just a beer; it's a rebellious anthem in a can. Crack one open, kick back, and let the flavour festival begin!

8% ABV