Moinette Blonde 330ml


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Dupont Brasserie

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Best Before: 2024/09/01

Moinette Blonde is a highly fermented Belgian strong pale ale that continues to ferment in the bottle. With a fine yeast selection, a hoppy aroma, and its golden colour, this is a pleasing beer due to its balance between soft, bitter and fruity.

Tasting Notes

Yet another beer to add to the "I can’t believe I haven’t tried this yet" file - anyway, as expected, this is the kind of quality product I’ve come to expect from Dupont - sure, it’s got that house flavor of theirs, but that house flavor is so damn good - pours a hazy blond - herbal and floral aroma similar to their saison, but with a lot more honey sweetness behind it, and a kind of orange marmalade character, some notes of vanilla frosting (I know, weird, but good) - full but soft carbonation - the flavor is quite zesty and herbal, and much drier than many people like their tripels (but I love it!) - there is some melon, citrus, and honey sweetness, but it is quite subdued, and takes a back seat to the spicy, floral hops and drier, biscuity malts - some rustic, earthy character - quite a delicious beer.

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