Maredsous 10 Tripel 330ml


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Brouwerij Moortgat

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This golden-bodied triple is redolent with a festive sparkle, complex aroma, lush body and creamy head. Sweetness and fruitiness join hoppy spiciness in a balanced, long, warm finish. This is strong ale, but the balance, finish, and velvety smoothness make this 10% brew smooth and quaffable. Like the abbey dubbel this ale can be cellared, standing upright, for up to three years, in a dark, cool place at 42-50° F. You can drink the beer later; it will become sweeter and feel denser in the mouth, and develop honeyed notes. In Belgium, the flavours of this triple ale make it a treasured ingredient in fine cooking.

Tasting Notes

This dark-blond beer is characterised by a fine, almost festive sparkle. Sour, sweet and bitter flavours melt together harmoniously in a full fresh flavour with a sweet aftertaste. Its gastronomic bouquet of flavours makes this Tripel a great ingredient in the kitchen.

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