Hoegaarden Grand Cru 330ml


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Brouwerij Hoegaarden

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Best Before: 2025/08/02

Hoegaarden Grand Cru has a full fruity flavour balanced with delicate hints of citrus and vanilla. It has a spicy, clove aroma and is a hazy, peach colour in appearance. Its sweeter notes are balanced by its full body and relative bitterness.

Hoegaarden Grand Cru pours a nice hazy straw colour with a thick head. Smells very wheaty and yeasty with some spicyness and citrus. Taste is amazing. The wheat combines well with spices and lemony zest. As the beer goes down the warming effect of the alcohol becomes more evident. Great mouthfeel with nice carbonation. Very drinkable

8.5% ABV