Guinness Draught 440ml


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St. James

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Guinness Draught in Bottles is the same as the Guinness Draught which is served in pubs, the only difference being that you can drink it straight ?from the neck? so there's no need for a glass. A ?rocket widget? sits in the neck of the bottle. When the bottle is opened, the rocket widget creates the famous surge inside the bottle and forms the head. Then every time you tilt the bottle to drink, the widget rocks and refreshes the surge.

Tasting Notes

Classic black color with a solid off-white head. Watery mouthfeel with no real carbonation. Malty, creamy, and rich while still remaining delicate. Some hop bitterness laced into the chocolaty roasted malt profile. Practically an institution, this is certainly a beer to respect and enjoy.

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