Greene King Abbot Ale 500ml


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Greene King

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Greene King's flagship brand Abbot Ale is a favourite with the nation's discerning beer drinker. An iconic beer, Abbot is brewed for longer in a traditional way in order to achieve its world famous distinctive taste. The secret of Abbot Ale lies not only in its ingredients but the way it is treated along every step of its production, from the arrival of the raw ingredients at the brewery to the cask and beyond. The result (a pint of perfect beer) is due to the care, dedication and craftsmanship of everyone who works on Abbot Ale. Quality is the benchmark. Abbot Ale is brewed with pale crystal and amber malts to give an attractive colour and rich malty taste. Challenger hops give it bitterness with a spicy overtone and to really boost the taste and aroma to the maximum it is late-hopped with Fuggles to provide the floral tones and fruity esters. Full flavoured, smooth and mature, Abbot Ale is an exceptional, quality drink. No wonder this beer is the first choice for so many discerning real ale lovers.

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