Firestone Walker Limited Edition Vintage Trio Pack


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Firestone Walker Brewing Co

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Vintage Trio Pack includes:

Gin Rickey - A blonde barley wine matured in gin barrels for 18 months with additions of freshly zested lime peel, mace, coriander and juniper berries.

Orange Bitters Barrel Parabola - Our iconic Parabola comes with a fresh twist in this limited small-batch release. The journey began when we aged a primary lot in premium bourbon barrels to achieve Parabola's signature flavors of dark chocolate, vanilla and coffee. Concurrently, we aged a separate smaller lot in rare orange bitters barrels to create an entirely new variant. We blended the two together to create this beer that complements the rich intensity of Parabola with a citrusy top note for an elevated sipping experience.

Mezca-Limon - Mezca Limón is a twist on the authentic Mezcalita cocktail sipping experience.