Duvel Barrel Aged Batch 7 Irish Whiskey Edition 750ml Bottle and Tasting Glass


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Brouwerij Moortgat

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Best Before: 2027/10/31

Duvel Barrel Aged Batch 7 Irish Whiskey Edition is a unique strong tasting beer, brewed with respect for the authentic taste of Duvel but with a surprising Irish twist: smoky notes of oak, vanilla and a hint of peat.

Because the experience and the beer are so unique, the beer comes in a gift box with a specially designed glass perfect for enjoying the beer's heavenly aroma. The limited edition bottle is beautifully decorated, via a screen printing technique, with the distinctive clover symbol in green. Besides a very tasty beer, will this Shamrock deliver you an extra portion of good luck?

Duvel Barrel Aged, the Irish Whiskey Edition, is a beer for connoisseurs, epicureans and Duvel lovers. It is made to be enjoyed with friends and family. Perfect to serve at the end of a festive meal or next to a crackling fire this winter.

11.5% ABV