Double Vision Outbreak Fresh Hop NZ IPA 440ml


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Double Vision Brewing

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Best Before: 2025/06/12

Deep in the vines of Waimea West Hops, there is a select plot of hops that is said to be so strong and resinous that even the most seasoned Hop Heads wouldn't be conditioned for these types of flavours. While most hops were slumbering on the vine, incubating for March, these specimens were hatching from their cones as early as February. Picked at just the right moment, they were sent to an experimentation facility in Miramar, Wellington. Little did the Scientists know the strength of the Motueka and Taiheke Hops were too great to be contained... This was the Hop Outbreak of 2024, setting off a chain reaction throughout the Craft Beer Community for Fresh Hop Season! 

All we can say is that you need keep an eye for what the researchers at Freestyle Hops are referring to as 'The Undead!'
6% ABV