Double Vision Hop Hunter Fresh Hop NZ IPA 440ml


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Double Vision Brewing

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Best Before: 2025/07/02

The research started so innocently at Waimea West Hops, helping brewers to make resinous and fruity Fresh Hop drops to share with the masses. Then, the 'Outbreak 24' happened for Fresh Hop Season! By the time The Thirst had spread, there was no stopping Freestyle Hops Riwaka and NZ Cascade from making a Hazy mess of Masses to claw for 'The Undead.' This thirst could only be matched by one hero.

Born to Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka by 
Clayton Hops, this is one cure, one Bright beer, clean and sharp. A beer so to the point of a NZ IPA, it would literally bash the hazy out of the drinkers to see clear beer again. A beer by the brewers for the masses; a cure, a solution... The Hop Hunter!

6.6% ABV