Craftwork Citron Soleil Saison 500ml


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Craftwork Brewery

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Best Before: 2025/11/01

Saison is the farmhouse ale made in the French speaking Wallonian province of Belgium. Traditionally, it was a refresher for tired farm labourers.

Craftwork Citron Soleil Saison is a modern interpretation; a stronger full-flavoured brew. A sunny hue, this golden ale has been aged for two months in the bottle. The brewers have chosen a simple grain bill that showcases Gladfield’s superb malts and added lemon zest, white pepper and coriander seed. Paired with floral and citrusy hops, Craftwork's French saison yeast imparts massive character and a dry finish. A perfect refresher after a hard day in the fields or the streets! Salute!

7% ABV