Bush Ambrée (Scaldis) 330ml


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It was created in 1933 by Alfred Dubuisson, grand-father of the present family brewer, Hugues. Its former name was "Bush Beer 24°" (the density in Ballings), but today it is known as Bush Amber. Its amber colour is due to the use of caramel malt in the production process. Its bitter sweet taste provides it with firmness and personality. What's more, it helps digestion.

Tasting Notes

Looks like a dark copper/orange with a nice thin head sitting on top. Looks like a promising belgian. Wasn’t annoyingly carbonated. Ah, very pungent fruity beer that doesn’t hide itself. Damn this has a distinct fruity smell that is very nice. Not any alcohol to be smelled. I like that about this beer. Fruity flavor continues. Again not so carbonated to where I can’t enjoy the beer. Slight alcohol burn towards the end, but indeed it is very slight. Nothing to be annoyed by. Nice sugary sweet beer. Very fruity indeed. This beer is actually a nice belgian strong. I am bit a bit surprised at the low score. Maybe it is too sweet for some of you, but this is a really nice belgian strong. Good fruity brew.

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