Black Sheep Riggwelter Strong Ale 500ml


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Black Sheep

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The fabled Riggwelter has grown to be one of our most loved cask ales and remains our most decorated beer having won numerous awards.

Riggwelter takes its name from a local Yorkshire Dales farming term which has Nordic roots; “rygg” meaning back, and “velte” meaning to overturn. A sheep is said to be rigged or ‘riggwelted’ when it has rolled onto its back and is unable to get back up without assistance. What better name for a strong beer from the Black Sheep Brewery in Yorkshire, eh?!

Riggwelter is a real showcase of hops, malt and yeast. Layers of chocolate and coffee are most prominent with dark fruits offering a sweet balance against the bitter roasted flavours. Our in-house strain of yeast provides more fruity esters including freshly peeled banana.

Pouring a dark ruby colour and when served through a hand pull, there’s not many beers that can match Riggwelter’s beauty

5.7% ABV