Behemoth Masshole IPL 440ml


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Behemoth Brewing Company

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Best Before: 2025/03/07

I f***’n love Funkin’ guy, what are you talking about? You wanna talk real customers? Kid that’s me, I'm like the major of Funkin’s. This is the face of Funkin’ Brewpub right here.

Yeah, I come to Funkin’ everyday. Grab an IPL extra large made with some Centennial, some Citra that’s kinda the routine. Introducing Masshole - IPL, what’s an IPL you say? What’re ya talk’n about? It’s in between a Lager and an IPA. Sometimes called a Cold IPA. Made by our Brewer Alex, a Massachusetts native who knows Masshole is a term of endearment really, cheers.

6% ABV