Behemoth Hop Star Post Lager 440ml


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Behemoth Brewing Company

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Best Before: 2024/10/24

Ayy, ayy I've been addin' hops and dousin’ pillies, Man, I feel just like a hop-star (Star, ayy, ayy) All my brewers got that grass, So they always be lookin' like a Rasta ('Sta)
Brewin' with me, chillin’ not too boozy, sessionable, man, get them 5 stars ('Stars)
When Behemoth pull up on your block, They make that perfect Post Lager-er-er (Ayy, ayy)
Switch it up, lagers are back i'm startin' sippin', "Yeah, that hits the right spot" (Spot, ayy)
Come on in, we pourin' suds they ask Churly to, grab a drink for e’rryone ('One, ayy)
Add hop oil perfect stage prolly just made the perfect lag-er (Ger, ayy)
Sh*t it’s super refreshing took our recipe and gave it a supercharge
Cobain on my knuckle, lager pourin', now this ismy jam
Dude, your glass is almost empty, time to fill it back in, Sayin', "I'm in love with the brand" (Ayy, ayy)
Now we playin’ gotta love it, wanna grab upa few cans
Hundred brews still in my mind all part of themaster plan
And they’re all drawn by one-man
(Yeah, ayy, ayy, ayy)
I've been addin' hops and dousin’ pillies
Man, I feel just like a hop-star (Star, ayy, ayy)

4.8% ABV