Behemoth Football Is Life Hazy IPA 440ml


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Behemoth Brewing Company

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Best Before: 2024/11/08

Introducing the Hazy IPA that channels infectious enthusiasm for beer, sport
and most things really, Football is life! We decided to combine the hops Strata & Simcoe for this juicy Hazy IPA and doused it with Motueka hop oil.  We asked if anyone wanted to share anything else on it  “To be able to combine those 2 hops and oil at the same time, beer is a miracle” — Churly Yeah good perspective I appreciate that, so fellas this here Hazy is going to give you hints of passionfruit, pine resin, apricot, and fruity aroma and flavours. Perfect for when enjoying while watching a spo... NANANANA NA CHUR CHURLY, CHUR CHURLY! Yeah, Churly’s a spirited fellow.

5.8% ABV