Moffat Beach Brewing Josh Porter Strong Pale Ale 375ml

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Best Before: 2024/08/21

During his time in the Army, our founder and head brewer Matt Wilson served in Recon Platoon 1RAR with a soldier named Josh Porter. Josh enlisted in 2000 and on completion of recruit training was posted to 1RAR where he became a qualified sniper. After completing his service in Recon Platoon, Josh went on to undertake special forces selection in 2004, and served with the SAS in East Timor, The Solomon Islands and Afghanistan. Very sadly, Josh was killed in a Blackhawk helicopter crash in November 2006. Josh is survived by his wife Carinna and his daughter Maddison who was unborn at the time of his death. In remembrance of Josh, we brewed a beer in his name. This is an American Style Strong Pale Ale that has a big malt backbone and a hefty dose of hops. Like Josh, this beer is smooth, robust, full flavoured and will always have your back.

5.7% ABV