Shining Peak Battle Axe Scotch Ale 440ml


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Shining Peak Brewing

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Newton King was a prominent businessman in Taranaki who firmly believed that one should work hard and play hard. For Newton, leisure meant drinking scotch whisky, smoking cigarettes and having a flutter on the gee gees. In a genius move, he began cross breeding thoroughbreds with draft horses. His track star ‘Battle Axe’ took in over £1,000 at the turn of the century, an exorbitant amount after inflation. Much like Newton’s moustache, this Scotch Ale will present as rich and smokey with hints of peated whisky.

Malts: NZ Ale Malt, NZ Peat Smoked Malt, German Carafa Malt, German Carared Malt, UK Cara Malt
East Kent Goldings
Yeast: California Ale

9% ABV