One Drop Brewing Liquid Riwaka DDH IPA 440ml


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One Drop Brewing Co

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The eleventh dip into our Liquid Series™ - the complete saturation of a single hop we know and love. This drop we’re championing the enigmatic and mighty Riwaka from the hops bines of Moutere Valley, New Zealand. Teaming up with our favourite grower, Eggers Farms, we’re using 3 hand selected lots of what is arguably the world’s best Riwaka alongside Clayton Hops’ Riwaka Amplifire™ Hop Oil and Freestyle Hops’ Riwaka SubZero Hop Kief™ - A liquid dry-hop made with a cryogenic, solventless, separation process. Great pack of roosters, the lot of ‘em. On a soft base of spelt and oat, expect a ‘uge kiwi dank hop character with hits of tropical fruit, passion fruit, grapefruit & citrus. This is truly a sweet as Kiwi combo of choice cones and southern legends. Chee-hoo!

6.5% ABV