St Bernardus Kerst Christmas Ale and the perfect Xmas beers…

St Bernardus Kerst Christmas Ale and the perfect Xmas beers…

John ShearlockDec 15, '22
The question of what is the perfect Xmas ale is one I have often asked myself, but as luck would have it, last year a chance encounter with Saint Nick himself (as I sat in front of the box watching Die Hard on Christmas Eve) finally laid the question to rest.

What follows is a transcript of the short beer conversation we had (Santa seemed in a rush… something about NZ being his first stop of many).

Me: Santa, this really is a fabulous surprise - thank you so much for agreeing to have a chat on the topic of the perfect Xmas ale.

Santa: Ho ho ho… I’ve always been a big fan of Beer Cellar and your stunning lineup of brews, so you are very much welcome.

Me: Santa you are too kind. So, tell me, what will you be drinking this Xmas?

Santa: Well… for me, the Xmas Day campaign will start with something light and lagery… a decent pilsner or perhaps a Weihenstephaner Helles or two. I love the crisp attack and after a hard night’s work - you really need to ease into these things. I might follow this with a decent English ale… perhaps a Fuller’s ESB or a Timothy Taylor Landlord - nothing too heavy mind, but a bit more malt to prep the palate for lunch.

Me: A man after my own heart. And what about with the lunch? I presume you are a turkey man?

Santa: Oh yes, very much so - it’s turkey all the way in the Claus household! I like to get a bit winey with the lunch beer… something with a touch of sourness and a bit of acidity, and I guess you really can't beat a Duchesse de Bourgogne in this case. The acidity really helps cut through the rich gravy that Mrs Claus likes to make.

Me: Sounds fab, and what about with the pudding?

Santa: Ahh the pud - it’s the main event for me! You need something with real body and a bit of sweetness to go with all those stewed dark fruits. This year I’m going to give Dogfish Head’s Fruit-Full Fort a go. My gosh, what a cracking beer that is… sweet yet hoppy and oozing with red fruits and offering a sherry-like quality that I imagine could work nicely with the pud…

Me: Yes, that is a stunning beer and a great choice for the ultimate Xmas ale. Will that be it for the day?

Santa: Christmas Day comes but once a year, so I do like to round things off with one last moment of indulgence as I don the slippers and crank up the fire. My final tipple is usually the St Bernardus Kerst Christmas Ale. A seasonal offering… a bit like myself, and which even has a little old man on the front with a hat just like mine. It’s like they brewed it with me in mind! It's just so thick and creamy with festive notes of chestnuts, chocolate and dried fruits - it really is Xmas in a glass.

Me: Thanks Santa, that's a great sounding lineup!

Santa: You are most welcome. Now I really must be off - these presents don’t deliver themselves. One more thing, although I do appreciate all the glasses of milk that get left out for me, perhaps you could pass on to your customers that I really would prefer a milk stout at the end of the day!


There you go, a few great options from the man himself and, it’s quite odd really, as I seem to have covered most of them in the blog this year!

Whatever you end up drinking this Christmas - enjoy the day.