Refuge Brewery Blood Orange Wit

Refuge Brewery Blood Orange Wit

John ShearlockSep 8, '23
What kind of beer consumer are you? Perhaps you’re the archetypal craft beer grazer who shifts from one new brew to the next, roaming between breweries and styles? Or, alternatively, perhaps you’re an old school stalwart - who sticks limpet-like to a brew of choice, preferring to trust what they know, rather than taking a risk?

I guess I am somewhere in the middle - I mean with the cost of beer these days - you really don’t want to get home and open a can only to be disappointed. I get angry enough with a badly made flat white - let alone a beer at three times the price.

How adventurous you are when it comes to trying new beers, is essentially all about your “comfort zone” - which at the end of the day is a pretty subjective thing!

Now, I wouldn’t call a Belgian Wit an “everyday go-to” beer personally - but again this is subjective - and considering that this very beer is Refuge Brewery’s flagship and best selling beer, the evidence would suggest it is actually the go-to beer for quite a few people.

Let’s get stuck in and see if we can gauge where it lies on the adventure scale!

Pours a hazy, peachy orange with a white head that quickly dissipates. The nose is promising, with lots of fresh orange, peach and citrus notes that are nicely kept in check so as to not veer into the realms of confection. The palate is light and ethereal with a zesty spritz and enough tartness on the finish to keep it real, taking us down an orange peel route as opposed to refresh OJ. It’s a clever brew with some lovely restraint, and one for a summer’s day on the deck… but with a strong wheat vibe nonetheless.

I guess our comfort zones are essentially based on our approach to risk, reward, cost and benefit.

Some of us play it safe to avoid what might be perceived as the cost of failure, while others amongst us take bigger risks for what could provide a greater gain. One thing for sure though, is that if you never venture off the well beaten beer track, your palate will never grow, and, well - you’re in danger of making your beer life just that little bit stale. So, go on, roll the dice this weekend and venture out of your comfort zone and into the unknown… either way your palate will thank you!

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