New Belgium - Fat Tire Amber Ale

New Belgium - Fat Tire Amber Ale

John ShearlockJul 7, '22

There’s a lot to like about New Belgium. B Corp certified, employee owned from 2013 to 2020 and the producers of Fat Tire, the first certified carbon neutral beer in the U.S.!

New Belgium’s plan is to be entirely carbon neutral by 2030 and they’re heading in the right direction through a gamut of techniques; installing solar panels, creating electricity from wastewater and capturing and reusing heat in the brewing process. They’ve also donated nearly $17 million to nonprofit organisations working on climate solutions and land and water conservation.

They’ve even created a tool kit for other breweries to use to get in on the action with details on measuring carbon emissions and taking steps to become carbon neutral. So, next time you’re talking to your local friendly neighbourhood brewer, ask them what they’re doing to save the world and point them in the direction of New Belgium if their response is a little underwhelming.

Altruistic business models aside - how about this beer? It’s inspired by the easy drinking Belgian brews of the 1930s which were made with signature Belgian yeast and aimed at the tastes of visiting British soldiers. The co-founders started their love affair with beer whilst cycling in Belgium, hence the name. Let’s give it a whirl…

It’s a lovely deep, golden amber in the glass with an orange tinted head. The nose is fruity and malt-driven with hints of orange and some herbal hop elements and which leads to a  palate that is superbly balanced. This isn’t about layers of complexity, just really well crafted quafability.

This is the definition of a smashable beer and the fact that it is carbon neutral is the icing on the cake. As consumers it’s our responsibility to actively seek out these beers and buy them whenever possible; as such we are investing in our futures and putting some wind in the sails of those producers who are advocating for change.

One word of caution however... Just make sure you drink this one quickly when you open it - leave it open too long and you end up with a flat tire.