Kona Big Wave Golden Ale 355ml

John ShearlockApr 27, '22
I don’t know about you, but I am thoroughly in need of a getaway and with the borders still shut here, there’s only one way to travel. That’s right, you’ve guessed it - by beer!

So what’s it going to be? A trip to the dirty back street pubs of south London with a bottle of Fullers? I can just see it now… the grey sky, grey buildings and well, yep, the greyish people (hey I’m allowed to, I’m from there).

Or what about a quick trip to the canals of Bruges with a bottle of something dark and monkish, something so rich and good you just keep on coming back for more... and it is only sometime later that you look regretfully at the abv. Hmmmmm, that sure sounds tempting.

But, you know what… I need some rays, some liquid sunshine to tip into my wilting body and there’s one place that will always deliver and, for which, I have a fond memory or two from a time that seems so long ago and unfortunately now so intangible. I’ve only been there once, but boy did I enjoy the slack, lazy beach fuelled days spent sitting in the sun drinking the odd lager or ale, and so, today I’m going to take a trip to Hawaii, courtesy of Kona and their Golden Ale.

Forget about the jetlag and the slightly crooked neck from a few hours slept propped up in a seat. Travelling by beer is better than first class and the cheapest trip you’ll ever make. Just grab a bottle, crack the lid and you're there instantly.

Ohhhhh... I can hear the waves lapping at the shore, the sound of the breeze bristling through the palm trees and the coo of tourists dropping dollars in the local stores. Then the golden flavours are like a gentle strum of a uke, the flick of a hip under a grass skirt… a most welcoming aloha embrace, followed by a refreshing plunge into the tepid pacific after a few too many sun minutes in the frondy almost-shade of a palm.

Then suddenly, the bottle’s empty and I am back in NZ as the rain splashes at my window and a cruel southerly creeps in from under the front door to wrap it’s cold boney fingers round me.

Oh well, it certainly was nice while it lasted and I’m pretty sure I’ll be booking a return trip soon….