Urbanaut Beer Blender Mango Passion X Peach Melba Sour 2x250ml


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Urbanaut Brewing Co

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Expiry date: 2022/10/01

Two delicious beers - separate the cans, taste can A, taste can B, then pour both cans together in a glass to make a delicious third flavour.

Mango and Passionfruit Sour 5.5%: Slap on your aviators pal, we're heading for the sunset on the horizon with this one - a crisp sour beer absolutely loaded with sun-kissed mangos and juicy passionfruit!

Peach Melba Sour 5.5%: An ode to our favourite late night ambrosia, Peach Melba! Tart and juicy with fresh-crushed raspberries, peaches and a splash of French vanilla to create this indulgent delight.