Theakston Pale Ale 500ml


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Up until the mid-1980s, Pale Ale was a popular brand in the Theakston range of bottled beers and throughout the UK but with changing consumer fashions and the resurgent interest in cask conditioned beers, the popularity of a one-time mainstay of the British beer industry faded. But, as they say ‘what goes round comes around’ and once again Pale Ale has returned on a wave of popularity encouraged by the growing consumer interest in new world craft keg ales. This wonderful news has encouraged us to brew Pale Ale once again this time with a modern twist. Cold filtered and unpasteurised, the process has enabled us to produce a beautifully subtle flavoured pale-coloured ale using a blend of new world hops noted for their refreshing characteristics in a mash of British and European malts.

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