Sprig + Fern Fresh Harvest Pilsner 440ml


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Sprig & Fern Brewing Co

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A beer that beer that need no introduction. It featured in the 2021 Inaugural Beer Hall of Fame, it is multi-award winning and a permanent & popular fixture of the Craft Beer Calendar.

What makes it so special? Each year Tracy visits the hop fields to follow her preferred varietals from rootlets to bine, and returns in March, on the day of harvest.
After Tracy collects her fresh, green, aromatics hops by hand, she races them back to brew, and away they go. Best used within 24 hours, for maximum Fresh Hopped goodness!

This year, Tracy has picked Riwaka and Motueka hops for their bold citrus aromas, and tropical notes.
This combined with the freshness of the hops adds something extra special to this years' Harvest Pilsner. 

This beer has a huge citrus and tropical flavour profile - that unmistakable fresh hop pungency - and a crisp dry finish.

440mL | 5% ABV