One Drop Brewing Bone Man New England IPA 440ml

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One Drop Brewing Co

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Best Before: 2024/07/15

Bone Man is a brand-new New England IPA with a focus on experimentation. Dry hopped with 2 new-to-market hops and one classic - Ahhhroma™ from Glacier Hops Ranch, Experimental YQH-1320 from Yakima Quality Hops, and Mid Harvest Motueka from Freestyle. We've used this triplet in an experimental Intra-Conical Dry-Hop regime courtesy of the folks at Tired Hands Brewing, Pennsylvania. The process refers to exclusively dry-hopping the beer in its conical fermenter, without adding any hops to the brew kettle or whirlpool, aiming to enhance the beer's floral and intense hop character while keeping bitterness at a minimum.

6.5% ABV