Bootleg Brewery The Mighty Mosaic IPA


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The roaring 20's a "Mighty" time, the 18th amendment was the catalyst for underground booze, bootlegging & organised crime. Mafia bosses, architects for their own decadent tastes, hedonism had a rightful place. Their power, $$$$, opulence & stash, heads of the family corporation, sweating on their piles of cash. Wherever beer, money and power are at stake, there will be a fight make no mistake. Winners write history & history continues to be written. You need to pick the right side, be wise, we got whacked for running hooch from rye. In older times, you'd get a bullet in your eye! So when you choose your beer today, you write history & decide who losses, wins & stays. Make sure you have your say. CHOOSEINDEPENDENT, remember t 18th amendment