Three Boys Prunus Stave


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Three Boys Brewery

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This is our first release of a barrel aged beer and we are stoked that it won a Gold medal at the 2019 Brewers Guild awards. Ralph has been very protective of this beer as he loved it so much that he planned to drink a bottle a day until it was all gone and he would then be happy to shuffle off this planet! Later he changed that plan to a bottle a week when he realised that the maths on a bottle a day was just a little too soon! The beer is a blend of our IPA aged in a single-use ex Pinot Noir wine barrel. The resulting soured beer was blended with apricot fruit ale to balance rich notes of oak, berries and fruit with a little Brett-driven sour. It was time that made this beer so beautiful, so we suggest you take your time drinking it. Try it in the evening after pouring into a big, red-wine glass. Allow it to warm up and sip it slowly to enjoy the full flavour of this very special treat from Three Boys.