Garage Project Good Shout Hoppy Ultra Low Carb Beer 330ml


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Garage Project

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Best Before: 2024/05/01

When you’re late to the party, you better bring something special. Say hello to Good Shout, our game-changing hoppy ultra low carb beer. At 99% carb free, only 92 calories per can and less than 20 ppm gluten, Good Shout is all killer, no filler.Hoppy? Yup. Gone are the days of having to sacrifice flavour for session-ability. So after over 18-months of trials, tweaks and some serious science, we’ve landed on a beer with all of the flavour, body and hop profile of your favourite beer, just without the carbs. Expect lifted notes of passionfruit, white grapefruit, citrus and a hint of resin balanced beautifully with a bright, easy drinking, clean malt body.

4% ABV