Double Vision Frothin IPL 440ml


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Double Vision Brewing

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Expiry date: 2023/03/16

Frothin’ is in collaboration with our Beer Friends at Froth Technologies. This IPL marries together the hop-forward character of an IPA with the crisp fermentation profile of a Lager, and contains exclusively Aotearoa ingredients.

Cold-fermented using Froth Tech’s ‘Krisp’ Lager Yeast and boldly dryhopped for maximum aroma.

Fronth'n is an IPL built using Pilsner Malt with a bit of Toffee to make a crisp, mild body. A combination of Nelson Sauvin. Motueka and Taiheke bring notes of crushed Gooseberries (Kiwi Fruit are a type of Gooseberry), Tropical Fruit, resinous Lemon Zest and Lime.

5.8% ABV