Boneface Mojo Alice India Pale Kolsch 440ml


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Boneface Brewing

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Expiry date: 2023/05/18

Two strains of German Ale yeast that are usually used to make the Kölsch style (a light, slightly fruity pale beer, quite similar to German pale lagers but a style originally produced in Cologne/Köln, Germany) and gave the beer a bit of Boneface treatment! We took the traditional base malt of the Kölsch, which includes pilsner and wheat malts, and then just amped up the hops! A touch of the German Huell Melon hop is combined with Simcoe and Falconer’s Flight from the US and rounded out with some local Nelson Sauvin hops. The yeast helps to push the fruity characters out even further in this well-balanced brew. Aroma - Juicy fruit gum, orange oil, dank pine, pink guava and ripe pear Flavour - Soft and fruity with a hint of lemongrass, tropical fruit and citrus zest

6.5% ABV