Black Sands Forbidden Black Rice Lager 440ml


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Black Sands Brewing Company

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Best Before: 2024/05/04

Occasionally dubbed “The Emperor’s Rice” or “Forbidden Rice”, this grain was reserved for only the richest of the aristocracy according to oral history.
Japanese researchers have analysed Black Rice and found that not only is it full of vitamin E – which boosts your immune system and supports skin and eye health – but it also has high traces of anthocyanin, which has anti-cancer properties.

While we aren’t doctors, that’s all we need to hear to raise a glass and proclaim a toast to good health and to you!

FORBIDDEN is Black Rice Lager meticulously handcrafted by Black Sands Brewing. A clean and crisp rice lager with a slight toasty roast malt character

5.3% ABV