Behemoth Hop Buddies Phoebe & Joey Hazy IPA 440ml


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Behemoth Brewing Company

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Whether they are Ken Adams or Regina Phalange our favourite Friends will always be Phoebe and Joey. Joey stinks at lying which is one of the reasons Phoebe can always rely on him. They both love doing good deeds, just as long as they get something out of it too. Azacca is your very new aged, even a bit flighty hop, bringing spicy mango, pineapple, tangerine and pine, while trusty Mosaic is bringing mango, floral, citrus and pine flavours and aromas. Get your evil plan laugh ready, strap on your guitar (only when you’re ready though) and enjoy this beer with a mate and never forget the hand clap! Good Smelly hops, good smelly hops. How are they brewing you? Good Smelly hops, Good Smelly hops. It’s not your fault. Ps. How you doin’?

6.4% ABV