Behemoth Hop Buddies Bender & Fry Hazy IPA 440ml


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Behemoth Brewing Company

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Bender hear me well, I shall train you but first you must forget everything you know about brewing. DONE. Hey, what’s with all the pots and pans? You building a wife? Part of one, in the meantime I’m brewing up a tasty Sunday beer for my best friends. That’s the hoppiest thing I’ve ever tasted and I once ate a big heaping bowl of hops. Bender is this hop water!? It’s hops with water in it if that’s what you mean? Thankfully we’ve done a better job than Bender in our 24th instalment of Hop Buddies, we’ve merged Mosaic & Samba to give you flavours of juicy mangos, peaches, candy, and orange tangerine. Dedicating it to the intergalactic buddies Bender & Fry. I know what you’re thinking, shut up and take my money!

6.4% ABV