Behemoth Emerald Mining on Mars Red IPA 440ml


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Behemoth Brewing Company

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Expiry date: 2023/01/25

Oh Elon, you so cray cray. We’re almost certain you are high as a kite everytime you tweet some weird s$%t about crypto currency (to the moon!). Another eccentric billionaire obsessed with space travel and getting to the red planet. Maybe your billions could make a difference here on earth. Some billionaires have humble beginnings but not old Elon. We aren’t saying he has had his life handed to him on a silver platter, but more than likely an emerald encrusted one... with his father owning an emerald mine in his native South Africa. (Apparently he would walk around with emeralds in his pocket as a teenager.) So, are we looking for another mine on mars? Would we have electricity up there to power our Teslas? Who knows, but we know we love us a Red IPA made with 5 different malts giving toffee and spicy notes (from a bit of rye) holding up the Simcoe, Amarillo, Eclipse and Cryo Idaho 7 hops. Save earth! It’s the only planet with beer!

7.2% ABV