Behemoth Don't Look Bract In Anger Hazy Pale Ale 440ml


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Behemoth Brewing Company

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Best Before: 2024/11/09

Slip inside a Pale Ale refined
Don't you know you might find
A bitt’a haze today?
You said that you only drink clean
But you could be quite keen
To be led astray
So I debate a new solution from my head
'There's a hop fight breaking out like I was Ed
Step outside, summers hops are in bloom
Stop looking off into space, drink that beer
that’s in your face
You can even follow it with a stout
And so, Churly can’t wait
He just ordered eight, as we're walkin' on by
So, what can I get you today?
A Don't look bract in anger? I heard you say
Introducing Bract 104, the new trial hop from NZ Hops that we were lucky enough to trial
with. Let us know what you think, tasting notes to expect are stonefruit, pine & tropical fruit

5.5% ABV