Barbar Belgian Honey Ale 330ml


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Brasserie Lefebvre

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Expiry date: 2023/01/05

Born of the ancestral know-how of a family brewery, Barbar beer will please you with its malt taste and subtle flavour of honey. It is brewed using water drawn from artesian wells on the site of the brewery, at Quenast, a small village to the south of Brussels. This area is well-known for the quality and the diversity of its beers. Barbar beer is prepared from a secret and harmonious mixture of barley malts, hops and honey carefully selected by our Master Brewer. The traditional brewing method, associated with our unique strain of yeast, and the secondary fermentation in the bottle, gives Barbar the authentic flavour of a very special ale. Served chilled (5°C).

Tasting Notes

Really a strong honey aroma and flavor, with balancing citrus (from spice, not hops, I think). Creamy head combined with effervescence makes a wonderful unusual fizz. Nicely sweet (but not too sweet) and strong. Very delicious.

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