Behemoth Hop Buddies Romy & Michelle Hazy IPA 440ml


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Behemoth Brewing Company

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Expiry date: 2022/09/28

Can you believe its already been 10 years since high school?! Where have I been? Romy and Michele are best buddies. Two loners together against the world (or the popular kids from High School) made for each other, the hops in this beer are made for each other too, we used Citra Cryo hops and Motueka hops. Citra Cryo, that has intense tropical flavours and aromas & Motueka with it’s orange, lime and spice. So before you start the fat-free diet of gummy bears, jelly beans and candy corns and light up Lady Fair cigarettes (but don’t smoke it’s gross) the ones that burn down real fast, twice the taste for the gal on the go, enjoy the beer in your hand with one of your buddies from high school, if you still talk to them…

P.S Don't forget who invented Post-its or you know, the glue on the back and made them yellow.

6.4% AB